If you were given a chance to work part-time as a student, would you avail that opportunity? You should have.

It can be dragging and sometimes overwhelming, but part time jobs for students can offer more than a hectic schedule. Read more as this comprehensive blog helps you walk through several benefits you get while working part-time.

What is a Part-time Job?

For the most, it is up to your employer to define what part-time means. The Department of Labor (DOL) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not define any specific guidelines defining the work hours for part-timers.

However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that part-time means working less than 35 hours a week; meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act defines it as working less than 30 hours per week.

What Benefits Do Part-Time Jobs Offer?

You might think that jobs for kids can be daunting and would add responsibilities and divert their attention from their studies. No doubt it does, but that’s just the end of the story. There are various pros that students can have from working while studying. These include:

Financial Independence

Who doesn’t like earning some extra cash and becoming financially independent! Working part-time helps students achieve this. It can become a source of additional income from where students can finance their expenses, such as paying for books or bearing transportation costs. Also savings are also an option that students must consider. Working alongside studying can aid the student in achieving their desires, such as buying a phone or sponsoring a vacation.

Networking Opportunities

While many students prefer staying bookworms, others are often find searching part-time jobs near me. A major reason behind this is the networking opportunities that these jobs offer. When students look out for various position openings, they get a chance to connect with people outside school and college. These networks can be of great help when students graduate and proceed with their professional lives.

Gaining Professional Experience

One valuable aspect of working while going to school is the professional experience you earn while simultaneously pursuing your degree. Students always dream of getting an ideal job in their desired industries; part-time jobs and internships help them achieve this goal. Having prior industry experience helps them develop a skill that recruiters seek. Also, these experiences help to shape student’s future by providing them with valuable insights into where the industry is heading and selecting majors that can help them stand out from competitors. You can also have a better resume by adding some good names and experiences to your profile.

Developing Transferable Skills

While some students may get jobs in their field of interest, others may find volunteering positions or jobs that are not related to their school’s major. One thing to remember here is that some learnings are universal and long-term, whether it is an internship, part-time, or a volunteering role. These skills are transferable. Jobs related to the field can give you better exposure to academic knowledge, but these transferable skills are consistent no matter which industry you are in. These skills include:

  • Verbal Communication – There are several roles on and off campus that you can pursue to develop your communication skills. Whether you are interacting with customers or colleagues, every job demands the right articulation of ideas.
  • Leadership – A variety of professional roles can give you a taste of leadership roles and experiences, like training junior employees, budgeting, fostering internal discussion, and so on. Regardless of the industry you plan on entering after graduation, presenting an image of a strong and effective leader may help you stand out to the employers.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork – No matter what industry you are in or at what position, you may collaborate with your co-workers and contribute to team projects. These skills can show future players how a team player you are and how you can work with others to get a task done.

Developing a sense of responsibility

You can take on new tasks and responsibilities while working. This may strengthen your confidence in your ability to mature into an independent adult and develop the qualities that will help you succeed in your career. While working, there are certain expectations associated with you, such as being on time, providing a professional image, giving your best, and stepping up to resolve issues. A part-time job can help students burst the bubble and shape their personality as more confident and extroverted. Additionally, since the majority of student jobs are in the customer-facing industries of hospitality and retail, you’ll be more compelled to communicate with many people you wouldn’t typically, and as a result, you’ll be more socially apt, making it a major benefit of a part-time job.

Become a Pro with Money Management

When you start earning, you naturally become more cautious of your spending. Early work cannot only help you start long-term savings, but it can also help you become financially savvy from a young age.  As a result, you’ll have better budgeting and money management skills as you grow older.

Closing Thought

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