Terms / Conditions

Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) of Lemonade Stand (“us”, ‘we”, “our”, “app”) mobile application and website before using it.

Conditions of use

You agree that you use this app after thoroughly reading and understanding this Agreement, and you accept its terms and will comply with them without any complaint. This Agreement and its terms thus bound you to use the app according to them. If you do not want to be bound, we humbly request you not using the app/website. You’re eligible to use Lemonade Stand only if you accept its products, services, and terms.

Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully before you continue using our app. By reading our privacy policy, you can get information regarding how we collect and use your information, helping you better understand our policies, practices, and processes.

Age Restriction

The ultimate aim of this revolutionary app is to serve kids and teenagers to encourage them to earn and learn, helping them develop entrepreneurial skills. You must be at least 13 (thirteen) years of age before you download and use the app. However, kids under 13 can use the app under their parents’/guardian’s supervision. Your use of this app warrants that you are at least 13 years old or are using this app under the supervision of your parents or guardians, and you agree that you’re responsible for legally adhering to this Agreement. Lemonade Stand shall not be responsible for liabilities associated with age misrepresentation.

Intellectual Property

You agree that this app, including its materials, products, services, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property, is owned by Lemonade Stand and its stakeholders, including affiliates, directors, officers, and employees. You are in accord that reproducing and redistributing Lemonade Stand’s intellectual property is a serious offense, and we may take legal action.

You grant Lemonade Stand an unrestricted and non-exclusive license to use the information or content you upload and publish. We reserve the right to exhibit, use, duplicate, share, communicate, and transmit your content. If any issues concerning intellectual property claims arise, you are responsible for contacting us to resolve issues by coming to an agreement.

User Accounts

All our app users (you) need to register with the app by submitting their private information. Your responsibility is to ensure the accuracy of and keep your identifying information’s safe and secure. All activities occurring under your account and any damage or harm to your account shall be your responsibility.

If you find any suspicious issues with the security of your account on the app, you are responsible for updating us immediately so we can handle them accordingly. Any problems with your account shall not be our responsibility. 

We can exercise our rights to terminate accounts, control, change, remove content, and revoke orders.

Applicable Law

You acknowledge that by using this app, you shall be responsible for complying with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction (State or Country). You agree that those laws and regulations, without considering conflict of law principles, shall govern our Agreement and its terms. Similarly, those laws and regulations shall resolve potential disputes between us (including our stakeholders) and you.


The state or federal court located in [location] shall arbitrate any dispute arising due to your use of this app or to products/services you buy/hire from us. You agree to comply with the decisions taken by courts or consent to their exclusive jurisdiction and venue.


You agree to cover, protect, or indemnify Lemonade Stand and its stakeholders from holding responsible or harmless against lawsuits that may originate from how you utilize or mismanage our services. We have the discretionary right to protect us and all of our stakeholders by contacting the legal counseling service. 

Limitation on Liability

Lemonade Stand is free from any responsibility, liability, and accountability if any loss or damage occurs to you because of your mishandling of our app.

Changes to This Agreement 

Lemonade Stand has the exclusive right to bring changes to these Terms and Conditions. We can edit, modify, or update this Agreement whenever we need and without updating the app users. We shall inform our users about changes by posting the revised version of this Agreement on the website/app. Once this Agreement has been constituted between us and the user, all agreements regarding the use of this app made earlier shall be replaced.